We are a wholesaler and exporter for handbags and Bali Handicraft, We have experience in unique design and passionate about creating many different styles with high skill and always aiming to deliver the best quality. All the bags handicraft are made in our factory in Bali and Java. The other products we offer are supported by suppliers from Bali, We attract a lot of interest from many other Asian, USA and European countries. We accept and support design from customers of all kinds as we continually strive for excellence through innovative design

When you are interested in wholesale sales, we offer special prices which are very competitive. We guarantee that we offer very good prices and high quality in Bali.

Our business that builds friendships also enjoys giving full customer support! That means to us, that we will do our best to help you to find everything in Bali when you are looking for specific products. Just tell us what you are interested in! Also if the customer comes to Bali, just contact us and we will pick you up and again do our best to make sure you will have a good time n Bali and do sightseeing in beautiful and interesting Bali. We will be very happy if you, our customer decides to visit us.

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We are original Balinese; respectful, friendly and service oriented people. In business we are true professionals. For us business means building friendships and partnership. When you are like us a business professional, who likes to achieve successful and innovative business through values of friendship, family, respect and care, we will be very happy to welcome you as our customer. Lets join together and make business reality! Whenever we can be of help during your visit to Bali, we will be very happy!

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Jl. Raya Padonan br. Tibubeneng No.Bc07 Kuta Utara Bali Indonesia

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